Author Guidelines

  • The text shall be the result of research or literature review in English, manuscripts that have not been or are not in the process of publication, original and novelty.
  • Number of pages of the manuscript of at least 8 pages.
  • Systematics of writing consists of:
    I. Introduction
    II. Research Methods
    III. Result and Discussion
    IV. Conclusion
    Appendix (if applicable)
    Acknowledgements (if any)
  • Written in standard English, paper size A4.
  • Submitted file must be in .doc or .docx format.
  • Typed in the form of one (1) column.
  • Writing distance between rows is 1 (one) space.
  • Format margin is Multiple Pages - Mirror Margins: Top 2 cm, Bottom 2 cm, 2 cm Inside, Outside 2 cm.
  • Posts in the font Times New Roman 11 with MS Word word processor (at least MS Word 6).
  • Pictures are numbered and the title of the picture as well as written below the image at a distance of 1 (one) space.
  • Table by table number and title of the table as well as written above the table with a distance of 1 (one) space.
  • The abstract written a general description of the content of the manuscript with the provisions of no more than 350 words and typed in a spacing of 1 (one) with the font Times New Roman 10. 
  • Abstract background containing the problem, the solution offered, objectives, methods used, results of experiments, analysis of test results, and conclusions.
  • Title manuscript written in brief and informative with the font Times New Roman 16 (sixteen) bold and if there are subtitles, the same type of letter to the main titles, but their case is 20 (twenty).
  • The author's name is written manuscript is complete without an academic degree and its affiliates with the font Times New Roman 12 (twelve).
  • The minimum reference for research paper used is 15 references (at least the last 10 years and 80% must consist of primary sources).
  • The minimum reference for review paper used is 50 references (at least the last 10 years and 80% must consist of primary sources).
  • Writing content is not the responsibility of the editor and the editor has the right to make changes and corrections to the grammar of every script that is loaded.
  • Writing citations using the IEEE standard format.
  • Use one of the tools for reference management, eg reference management feature of Microsoft Word or Mendeley.
  • The manuscript is sent through this OJS.
  • Each author is required to download the template as a reference to the script to be published.